February 24, 2021

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Sarah Reveals The Green Audi That Harmonize Uses Belongs To Her


Sarah is continuing to go through her breakup with Harmonize and she is going through it hard.

Posting on her Instagram, Sarah uploaded a photo showing her sitting on the famous convertible Audi and then wrote that she missed her Audi.

“Damn, I miss my Audi”.

Of course, this came with a whole load of reaction online and their fans were busy reacting on how Harmonize had been flexing with a car that didn’t belong to him but Sarah!

But it could be that Sarah is reflecting on her past life and what she misses and not necessarily that the car belonged to her but that she loved using it maybe for her errands.

But that notwithstanding, the internet is busy asking Harmonize to return Sarah’s car while others are busy noting how Sarah is about to take everything from Harmonize and leave him on the streets!

I believe Harmonize has his own stuff though and am sure if Sarah wanted his car, he would be willing to return it to her.

MA reached out to Harmonize for a comment on the same story, but he did not get back to us at the time of going live with this story.

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